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Bec Cousins

The Kids & Teen Coach

Turning angry, anxious children into positive happy souls.

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When children learn how to manage their anxiety and anger it has a huge impact on the family as a whole. With NLP and Timeline therapy, bec can remap neural networks, changing outlooks and behaviours in just a few sessions. 

Bec also works with parents to give them the skills and teach them her tried and tested techniques to parent with confidence and clarity. Bec has worked in this field for 20 years and offers phone consultations with parents to manage situations that they have found stressful at home. 

Kids in Preschool


‘Bec, you have had a huge impact on our family. Our son benefitted so much from just 3 sessions with you. He understands his strong feelings more now, and has practical ways to manage them. You are nothing short of amazing!’

Emma UK

Bec has been a teacher for 20 years and won Teacher of the Year in 2017 for her work in supporting children through sudden grief. She has since left the classroom and followed her passion for helping children, and in turn, families, with their understanding and ability to manage their big feelings.

Bec is a qualified Timeline therapist and NLP practitioner. This allows her to create change for the client and move away from unwanted behaviours, thoughts and feelings. On average, three sessions will move a child or parent from overwhelm to clarity and understanding.

'Bec has worked with individual children at our school in the role of Wellbeing Coach and NLP Counsellor for the past two years. She has helped children who have difficulty regulating their emotions as well as those who have suffered trauma.


Children love talking to Bec as she is very skilled at building up strong bonds of trust with them and in identifying the tools that they need to move through their challenges. Children report that working with Bec has helped them to unlock feelings and emotions that they had previously kept locked away and they feel more ready to face the future. 


Ruth Roberts - Headteacher

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Bec works with children and teenagers on the following…

Bec works with children and families on many issues. If something is making you or your child unhappy, and they want to change it then Bec can work with them. She covers the following, amongst other things, anger, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, low body image, bullying, phobias, building resilience and setting goals. 

Bec works with families on resolving

behaviour issues.

Bec has worked with lots of families on managing their child’s behaviours and expectations of behaviour. She gets to the root of the issue. Through change work, and sharing techniques that have long lasting implications, she enables families to understand one another again and have a more harmonious relationship. 

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Bec works with parents to enable them to become the parent they long to be. 

When a parent is overwhelmed, it impacts every aspect of their life, and in turn, the family. It can sneak up on us without us realising the impact it is having. With it comes anxiety, guilt, low confidence and lack of self worth.

Bec has worked with many parents, allowing them to understand their emotions and more importantly, move on feeling empowered with a relieving feeling of clarity, calm and happiness.

School Kids Meditating


From Overwhelm to Clarity

‘Bec has been amazing in transforming my son. The NLP programme that Bec promotes has encouraged positive behaviour at home and school and lifted any negative emotions and feelings some children experience. I honestly can't thank her enough for the wonderful, almost instant transformation. Anyone who is thinking of trying this must, to believe how incredible it really is. Thank you.‘

Rowan UK

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